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Welcome to Nicola Mody's Blake's 7 fan fiction.

I finally got my old web update software to work with my new computer and added two more stories on 10 October 2011, Zen and the Art of Computer Maintenance, and Necessary Force. Note: the dates beside stories reflect when I wrote the them.

Warnings:  In general, all stories have the same rating as the series; that is, PG13 or G.
If a story doesn't have a warning on it, then there is nothing in the story that needs to be warned for.

A bit more seriously
Short crack
LiveJournal Fiction (another page)


These are mainly for laughs and are in a slightly different (and lighter) universe to my other fiction in that Vila's mother is still alive. Dedicated to my mother, whose greatest fear while I was overseas was, like Jandy Restal's, that I was 'dead at the bottom of a cliff'.  11-Jan-02.
Vila Restal's E-mails - Season 1

Vila Restal's E-mails - Season 2

Vila Restal's E-mails - Season 3

Vila Restal's E-mails - Season 4

Season 1
Thief Encounters  Vila makes friends with his fellow convicts on the London.  13-Sep-02.
Wishful Thinking  Blake upsets a genie and suffers the consequences.  30-Oct-05.
Beta Release  Avon decides to make an android in his own image.  16-Sep-07.
Pets  The crew are in an unusual situation in another galaxy.  25-May-02.
Season 2
Mistaken Identities  A space phenomenon has an unusual effect on the Liberator crew.  3-Sep-03.
New Rebels and Rats  To get into the Federation base designing the new Mark 12 pursuit ship, Avon and Vila need to be a lot smaller than they are.  1-Dec-10.
Season 3
Cold Comfort  The Liberator crew are not well, especially Avon.  13-Sep-02.
Season 4
Slave Names  Vila makes a friend on Scorpio. As this is S4, some sadness slipped in.  13-Sep-02.
Hot Stuff  Avon and Vila, along with Soolin, join an all-female band on Gauda Prime.  29-May-09.

A bit more seriously...

Three stories to fill in some of Vila's background, all set in season 1.  10-Feb-02.
A Good Team  Vila and Gan meet before they are sent to Cygnus Alpha.
Technical Advisor  Blake suspects Vila knows more about spaceships than he lets on.
Blood, Threats, and Fears  Why did Vila behave so badly on Exbar? Warning for domestic violence in Vila's childhood.

PWB (Pre-Way Back)
The Delta Domeheads  Young Vila encounters some interesting people in a pub.  22-Jul-06.
White Feather  Why did Servalan call Vila 'Vila' and know he was a coward?  8-Jan-03.
Work Experience  Vila is offered an alternative to Cygnus Alpha and encounters a certain Alpha.  Originally published in Chronicles issue 69.  Added 13-May-05.
Player of the Year  An AU (alternate universe) written after the FIFA World Cup: Vila became a football (soccer) player instead of going into a life of crime.  5-Jul-10.

Season 1
Limiters  Gan feels useless after he cannot kill to defend a crewmate.  3-Nov-04.
Monophobia  After they discover Blake's greatest fear, Vila and Avon wonder about each other's.  16-Oct-05.
Free Choice  Vila and Avon consider Lindor as a potential bolt-hole.  1-Oct-08.
New Zen and the Art of Computer Maintenance  Vila and Avon investigate Zen's peculiarities.  17-Jul-11.

Season 2
Let There be Light  Vila decides to celebrate a Delta festival which may not be suited to ship-board life.  16-Dec-02.
Debts Owed  What did Vila really do in Space City?  5-Aug-02.
Exposé  The crew returns Bek to Space City and carries out a bit of investigative reporting.  6-Mar-05.
Meeting With Destiny
  The crew take a holiday on Destiny and do some more mystery solving. Originally published in Chronicles issue 70.  Added 16-May-07.
Chance Meeting  Avon and Vila encounter real ice cream and a Scotsman in Freedom City.  7-May-05.

Season 3
Friendship  A mission goes wrong when Vila tries to prove his value to Avon.  11-Nov-02.
Islands  It's just after Avon's tragic trip to Earth, but  he's not the only one feeling depressed.  16-Aug-04.
The Stuff of Legends  Servalan lays traps for each of the crew which may prove irresistible.  10-May-02.

Season 4
Cheap at Any Price  An alternate universe story branching off in late season 4. After Malodar, Avon decides he can no longer trust Vila.  13-Mar-02.
The Definition of Animals  An AU (alternate universe): Og is the scientist and Justin the experimental subject.  1-Oct-06.

PGP (Post-Gauda Prime)
Seven Gifts  Vila has given up on life, but gets help from an unexpected quarter.   10-May-02.
Spider Noone  A man going by the name of Spider Noone signs onto a freighter.   30-May-05.
Guilt  Jenna returns to Gauda Prime after the events of Blake.   30-May-05.
The Hand of Friendship  When Blake's base is retaken by rebels, Jenna and Blake are appalled to find that Vila was tortured for the location of Orac. He needs help to recover and Avon volunteers.   28-Jan-06.
Stunned by Love  Kertis Chevron's new business partner was not at all what he’d expected. Beautiful and outspoken, Valanne Ward was also the perfect image of a woman he thought was dead, a woman who had once ruled a star-spanning empire and had almost won his heart—and almost killed him. But was she a schemer out for revenge, or an innocent caught up in circumstances she didn’t understand?  (Written for a Mills & Boon Challenge, and rather tongue-in-cheek)  8-Apr-06.
Through the Gate  Vila and Avon in the afterlife.  22-Jul-06.
Silent and Alone  When Vila withdraws and refuses to speak, Avon takes him to Kaarn for help, but they find more than that.  28-Oct-06.
Punishment and Theft  Something strange has been done to Avon...  (Written for the 'Brains in a Jar' challenge)  17-Feb-07.
Legacy  When Auronar die, they leave an unusual legacy to those they care about. Vila finds out there's more to himself than he knew, and Avon gets a second chance.  1-Oct-07.
Anthropology  Vila takes Orac and uses it to sabotage the Federation. In the meantime, Avon is looking for him.  30-Oct-07.

is the PGP saga I've had in my head and been writing for about five years, always pushing it to the background to work on other stories with deadlines. Each part ends at a satisfying place, and one more part will complete the story.
Lynx Part 1 - Rescues  The surviving crew are rescued from Gauda Prime.
Lynx Part 2 - Recovery  Vila and Soolin are on Lindor, while Avon and Tarrant confront their pasts.
Lynx Part 3 - Revelations  Vila and Soolin go on a mission to Mars; Avon searches for Vila.
Lynx Part 4 - Recollection  The surviving crew combine to recover Soolin's mutoid sister.


Exercises in illogic and fantasy: when the Blake's 7 universe meets another. Most of these were originally posted to  LiveJournal, but I decided to collect them here.

Wizardry  B7/Harry Potter: in which advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.  28-Dec-06.
Pleasure  B7/Red Dwarf: a missing scene from Shadow.  28-Dec-06.
Time for a Change  B7/Red Dwarf: a sequel to Pleasure in which Vila encounters the Cat again.  1-Jul-10.
Escape Committee  B7/Colditz/The Great Escape: Vila on CF1 as a teenager.  28-Dec-06.
The Diary of a No-Body  B7/The Diary of a Nobody: Zen's diary in the style of the Victorian original.  28-Dec-06.
Vila of the Dead  B7/Shaun of the Dead: Vila and Avon in the past. With zombies.  28-Dec-06.
In the Nick of Time  B7/Doctor Who: Vila meets the Fourth Doctor on Gauda Prime.  28-Dec-06.
The Lion, the Thief, and Avon  B7/Narnia: Vila finds somewhere he prefers to Xenon.  31-Dec-06.
Save the Bounty Hunter, Save the Galaxy  B7/Heroes: Hiro Nakamura reads a comic about a group of rebels in the future and decides to change the ending. I even did an illustration for this one.  27-Nov-07.
Time Warp  B7/Star Trek: The New Generation: a spatial anomaly throws the Enterprise 700 years into the future where it encounters the Liberator.  27-Nov-07.
Rebels and Amagons  B7/Swallows and Amazons: more a pastiche than a crossover, this is Blake's 7 in the style of Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome though none of the B7 characters are children, I'm sure you'll be relieved to know. After the shootout on Gauda Prime, Vila, Avon, Dayna, and Tarrant end up on the shores of a lake...  2-Jan-08.
Rubbish  B7/Farscape: what happened to Travis after he fell down the well.  1-Oct-08.
You Never Know Your Luck  B7/Firefly: Two ships meet in the black. 6-Jul-09.
Gateway  B7/Stargate Atlantis: Vila and Avon come across a Stargate and take it on board.  4-Apr-08.
Cocktail Hour  B7/Stargate Atlantis: Vila Restal walks into a bar and meets... Acastus Kolya! Minor references to Gateway.  25-Mar-10.
Nothing But A Vowel  B7/Stargate SG-1: Vila decides to find out whether the past is an improvement on his present. Minor references to Gateway.  25-Mar-10.
New A Quiet Drink  B7/Farscape: Vila Restal walks into a bar and meets... Aeryn Sun! References to Nothing But A Vowel.  5-Nov-10.
New Necessary Force  When Vila meets a padawan called Obi-Wan Kenobi, he discovers something unexpected about himself.  29-Sep-11.

Short crack

Christmas Greetings  The crew send each other Christmas greetings.  11-Jan-02.
Anniversary  The crew have been on the Liberator for a year.  28-Sep-02.
Ship Spotting  Avon has a nerdy hobby.  5-Jan-03.
Three Wishes  The Christmas Fairy appears on Scorpio.  11-Jan-02.

Crew Responsibility Charts  What it says in the title!  11-Oct-02.
A Week's Menus  Ditto. 
B7 Cats  Tweeness warning: cats photos with B7 captions.  16-Aug-03.
Vila's Spaceship Quiz  A quiz I made. Find out which spaceship you are.  15-Apr-04.

A Dozen Drabbles  A miscellaneous selection thereof.  28-Apr-03.
B7 TV Ads  The crew advertise shavers, deodorant, and multivitamins.  26-May-03.
Egrorian in t' Pub  Written when I happened to see John Savident (Egrorian) on Coronation Street.  3-Sep-03.
Captain Blakey  A filk, adapted from Captain Beaky and his Band.  5-Jan-04.

PGP (Post-Gauda Prime)
Alien  It's not the clone again.  5-Jan-03.
Marriage  Servalan marries Vila to get Orac.  5-Jan-03.
Androids  Again, Blake's not himself. Neither is Avon.  8-Jan-03.
Treasure / Bottoms Up  A treasure map in the form of tattoos.  15-Jan-03.

There's a lot more short (not not necessarily crack) fiction linked on my LiveJournal fiction page.

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