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This page is updated regularly (or should be). The last update was on 10 October 2011.


I've had a LiveJournal, vilakins for a while now, and have posted quite a bit of very short fiction to it and elsewhere on LiveJournal (LJ), including the weekly challange community b7friday.

I've also set up a guide to Blake's 7 on LJ and am also co-moderator of some other B7 communities on LJ

bullet b7fic, which provides links to Blake's 7 fiction on LJ and other sites
bulletb7recs, where people can post recommendations to Blake's 7 on-line fiction
bulletb7discussion, where people discuss any aspect of the series
bulletb7fanart, for Blake's 7 fan art

The Stories

Most of my LiveJournal stories are between 100 words (drabbles) and 500 words (or slightly over). I shall try to update this page regularly, but there will always be an up-to-date list on my LJ memories page which also lists favourites from other people and fandoms.

These stories may be short, but the challenges are a great way of forcing me to write characters and situations I mightn't otherwise choose.

Assorted Short Stories

bullet A Bit of Pun - Vila and Tarrant have a slanging match
bullet Vila's Pet - A return bout
bullet Banking On It - More of the same
bullet Peppering Things Up - Inspired by my exasperation at local restaurants having only one enormous pepper-grinder which they won't let customers use
bullet When Dinosaurs Walked - More (s)word-play between Vila and Tarrant
bullet Wheelie Bin - Vila puts out his rubbish for collection
bullet Life Drawings - Written for an artist and Cally fan
bullet Force de Frappe - Written for someone who wanted a chocolate frappe and didn't get one
bullet Bedside Manner - Written for an ill Cally fan: Cally has a virus
bullet Birthday - It's Vila's birthday on the Liberator
bullet Through the Gate - Written in memory of several cats and two members of the Liberator crew
bulletFire - Written for a friend's birthday; she wanted fire
bullet Wizardry - A crossover with Harry Potter: Draco Malfoy ends up on the Liberator
bullet Oracle - Cally has some things to say to Orac after they leave the System
bullet Grey - Vila encounters Chiana from Farscape
bulletParty Games - a birthday story and a companion piece to Gauntlets Down
bulletBomber - a birthday story for a Jarriere fan
bulletSave the Bounty Hunter, Save the Galaxy - A crossover with Heroes in which Hiro Nakamura tries to change the future. With illustration!
bulletPlaying With Fire - Written for a friend's birthday, and a sequel to Boarding Party, an AU she liked and wanted more of.
bulletTechnical Difficulties - Another birthday story; Avon has some difficulty with a project.

Responses to Challenges

bullet Orac's Vacation - Orac finds a way around not being able to move
bullet Something in Mind - A missing scene from Redemption: Vila and Cally in an System cell
bullet Uncharted Territories - Stark from Farscape and Tarrant meet on Ultraworld
bullet Whispers - On the London, Gan talks about meeting 'his woman'
bullet Poker Night - Vila and Avon set up a game of strip poker to settle a wager
bullet Old Friends - A shameful incident in Bayban's past
bullet His Noble Nature - Travis, Chenie, and Jarriere just after 'Gambit'
bullet 30 Pieces of Silver - The others wonder how much Vila gave away on Horizon
bullet Tresses - Vila and Soolin after Gauda Prime
bulletNight Watch - Vila finds ways of getting through the lonely hours
bulletHow to Win Friends and Influence Space Rats - Vila tries a chemical experiment on CF1
bulletSunrise - The day after on Gauda Prime
bulletIn the Nick of Time - Vila meets the fourth Doctor on Gauda Prime
bulletBomber - Written for the birthday of a Jarriere and cricket fan
bulletDressing Gown - Written for a challenge about, yes, dressing gowns
bulletFics I will never write (except for these bits) - What it says: stories various people thought I'd never write (so I did).
bulletHow Many? - Vila in the rain on Gauda Prime (songfic)

B7 Friday Weekly Challenges


bullet First Time - A first for a young Vila
bullet Taking Sides - Dayna as a child
bullet Happy End - Vila and Cally after 'Project Avalon'
bullet Decisions - Tarrant's knowledge of the Mark Tens and Bayban
bullet Talking to Myself - Five linked drabbles from Vila's point of view; based on Beatles song titles
bullet Tactics - A missing scene from 'City at the Edge of the World' to explain Kerril's quick change
bullet Life - Why did Vila throw his lot in with Blake so readily?
bullet Suspicion - Another riff on the theme 'Lost, stolen, or strayed'
bullet Space - Why Cally stayed on the Liberator after 'Children of Auron'.
bullet Friendship After All - Vila and Avon after Gauda Prime
bullet Free Trade - Jenna and Tarvin on Zolaf 4
bullet The Eye of the Beholder - Travis's first meeting with Servalan
bullet Fun and Games - Pure silliness because the Olympics were on
bullet Trust - Vila and Servalan on Sardos
bullet Playtime - Avon alone on the flight deck
bullet Cavitation - The ultimate trapped-in-a-cave story
bullet Trust - Sometimes an unwanted burden (yes, I used the title twice)
bullet Mother - Some are natural, others it must come to
bullet Fall Guy - Vila thinks about various kinds of falling
bullet Armed and Nervous - What could Travis possibly be afraid of?
bullet A Matter of Gravity - Some light relief
bullet Education - Five drabbles about crewmembers' schooldays
bullet Betrayals - Avon and Vila find something in common
bullet Gone for Ever - A sequel to Friendship After All; Vila and Avon after Gauda Prime
bullet While They Were Bathing - Our heroes take baths after arriving on Xenon as 'guests' of Dorian
bullet Our Little Secret - Just what was the note Avon had on the London?
bullet Another Day, Another Credit - Avon has a bad day in the office (a PWB)
bullet Power - Servalan becomes Supreme Commander
bullet Other People's Conventions - Vila and Dayna planet-side for the Teal-Vandor convention
bullet All Worthwhile - Vila extracts something positive out of being cold
bullet Light Touch - Vila tries to make up for his bad behaviour on Exbar
bullet Revenge - Vila wants revenge after Gauda Prime
bullet Spring - Vila is rescued after Gauda Prime
bullet New Start - A second chance for two people
bullet Fair Exchange - After Malodar, Vila decides to look after himself
bullet Something in Common - Tarrant just finds Vila irritating until ...
bullet Entertainment - Avon is trying to work under trying circumstances


bullet All Empires Fall - Signs of the Federation's inevitable fall from inside a communications centre
bullet Security - Dayna fills a hole in her life
bullet Pulling Rank - A bit of power-play between Avon and Tarrant
bullet Rising to the Challenge - Vila improves his personal efficiency
bullet Phobias - Blake is afraid
bullet Value - Vila gets his first cut as a professional thief
bullet Emancipation - Vila frees a slave
bullet Contact - An encounter with huge and strange aliens
bullet The Games People Play - Blake is curious about what's behind Vila's fool act
bullet Cabin - A draughty cabin on Gauda Prime
bullet All Fool's Day - It's the traditional day for practical jokes, and most of them not perpetrated by Vila
bullet Amnesty - Was Vila telling the truth about almost being a space captain?
bullet Service - Gan's death leaves a gap
bullet Her Day - Travis has something for Servalan
bullet The Force - A crossover with Star Wars, set PGP
bullet Pleasure - A crossover with Red Dwarf, set during Shadow
bullet Gone in 60 Seconds - Another crossover, this time with, well, guess who
bullet In the Dark - Avon and Vila on the dark side (no, not a crossover this time)
bullet A Fistful of Fics - Five short stories (all 100 or 150 words each) created from Spacefall's Blake's 7 Bonk Generator. Despite the suggestive titles, they're all gen (family safe)
bullet Grounds - Anna has had a bad day at work
bullet Double Bluff - Vila's weak chest
bullet Wish Upon a Shooting Star - It's not always good to get what you wish for
bullet Alive and Well and Living on the Liberator - The request was for Cally and Travis and a Jacques Brel album
bullet Hired Gun - How come Kerril threw in with Bayban?
bullet Last Look - Leaving Earth on the London
bullet The Naming of Planets - Pretty much what the title says
bullet Three Times Three - Three ficlets, each written using three words from the Random Word Generator
bullet Security Blanket - Something Vila finds on Xenon base reminds him of home
bullet Reflections - Servalan encounters advanced technology
bullet Alliance - Written in honour of David Jackson who had died the week before: Vila and Gan meet on the London
bullet Escape Committee  - Vila in CF1: a WW2 POW spoof
bullet Three Times Three Again - Three more ficlets, each written using three words from the Random Word Generator
bullet Sartorially Challenged - An explanation for some of the worst outfits in seasons 1 and 2
bullet Food Chain - Dayna cooks dinner to Vila's dismay
bullet Work - Vila has broken a life-long record
bullet Missed - Cally regrets the loss of a favourite possession
bullet Cat and Mouse - The crew is frustrated by Servalan thwarting their every move
bullet Short Fuse - Vila opens a booby-trapped safe
bullet Typecasting - After he's cleaned the glycolene tanks. Vila tackles Soolin about her remark
bullet Changes - Soolin realises she is slowing down in middle age
bulletFamily Ties - Jenna finds out about a death in the family (pre-series)
bullet Certainty - Laying fears to rest on Xenon base
bulletArms and the Thief - Cally wonders why Vila doesn't fight back
bulletThe Next Generation - A young woman wants to take up where her father left off
bulletSuzy Mar - A shameless and deliberate Mary Sue story
bulletLittle Expectations - Vila finds a secret room on the Liberator
bulletJenna Stannis PI - Jenna has gone into business as a private investigator after Gauda Prime. A sequel to Little Expectations
bullet Birthday Presents - Just that, and written as one
bulletSilver - A look at one fanfic cliché
bulletPax - The Andromedans have been defeated...
bulletThe Star - Three of the crew are interested in the light from a certain nova (a Christmas story)
bulletStrategy - Avon's survival tactics


bulletClothes Make the Man - Avon dresses to project the right image
bullet Enhancement - A bit of silliness inspired by a friend's photomanip
bulletDelegation - A Federation worker has some computer trouble
bulletThree Stories of Misfortune - Three drabbles about characters from the B7 universe
bulletOne Man Rescue - Tarrant is a mental home inmate after Gauda Prime
bulletThe Ice Princess - A child's bedtime story
bulletMind Control - Why does the teleport malfunction for Vila?
bulletGlints, and Something in Common - Two connected stories set in a bar
bulletFrontier - Why Lurena went to Star One
bulletAliases - Vila finds out more about Soolin
bulletDetained - A spring story about everything but the season
bulletFool - She's partial to warm brown eyes...
bulletNotice Board - The contents of the one on the Liberator
bulletRellyport - A bit of crackfic in which Jarriere and Blake turn out to be... well, read it and find out!
bulletThe Diary of a No Body - Zen's diary, written in the style of Charles Pooter
bulletReptile - Written for the 'snakes on a spaceship' challenge; say no more
bulletPlants - Several kinds, as Vila goes on a mission
bulletOh, So Bright - Blake's funeral
bulletIce - Vila after the death of Cally
bulletThe Selfish Hermit - A children's fairy tale
bulletArt for All Seasons - Art for art's sake
bulletPine Barrens - A crackfic AU in which they're all Sicilian wiseguys in the Terra Nostra, with nods to the original Sopranos episode
bulletVila of the Dead - Zombies, time travel, guns of the old west, what more could you want?
bulletPutting the Leather to the Leather - written during the World Cup but you don't need to be a soccer fan
bulletTools - An alien view
bulletPoppy Day - A child's essay
bulletPassing of an Individualist - The invasion from the point of view of Hlun, an Andromedan
bulletBoarding Party - An AU set at the beginning of season 3. I wrote a sequel: Playing With Fire.
bulletTime and Revolution - It's Independence Day, and one of the Hotel Le Grande's customers is drunk
bulletLegacy - The Auronar have their own way of leaving something of themselves behind
bulletXenophobia - Each crewmember's thoughts on aliens as they face the Andromedans
bulletPain Management - Vila on Xenon base
bullet Section Leader Klegg - A bit of background
bulletRivalry - The Warlord Cheryl
bulletColour - Hal Mellanby can't see it
bulletInterior Decorating - Another AU set at the beginning of season 3
bulletGauntlets Down - Avon knows he is walking into a trap
bulletMonsters - It's Freedom Day, when children dress up to frighten each other
bulletDeadly Relations - One can often be inspired by the examples of one's family
bullet Unconventional Relations - Jarriere meets someone unexpected on Space City
bullet Revolution! - The Liberator crew watch a new vid series


bulletHard Done By - every bad deed must be rewarded
bulletThe Brave Little Toolbox - what happened to it?
bulletSmiles - Cally's Auronar perspective thereon
bulletDeicide - A different view of Belkov
bulletThree School Essays - How three students (and a teacher) view our rebel heroes
bulletPowers - The crew discuss which superpower they'd like to have
bulletA Tide Taken at the Full - At last, some hard SF as the Liberator approaches a neutron star
bulletMemorandum - An office memo from the purchasing department of the Matter Transmission Project
bulletStory Time - It was a dark and stormy night...
bulletDiary of a Space Captain - Del Tarrant's diary
bulletSurvival - A Slave POV, in memory of Peter Tuddenham
bulletRumours of Death Watch - An AU mix of two episodes
bulletBig Swirly Thing in Space - What it says!
bulletVila vs the Federation - Vila plays Snoopy the WW1 air ace. With illustration!
bulletGame Over - Servalan a long time after Gauda Prime
bulletThe Dreaded Batter-Pudding Hurler - The title is a Goon Show one and it doesn't stop there.
bulletAlpha and Omega - Ever wondered what happened to the Avalon android?
bulletBrains - Vila and Avon encounter an alien. Warning: brains. Sorry.


bulletAt the Core - An AU in which things happen a little differently on Aristo
bullet Inducements - How to get Vila to go on a mission
bulletBad Karma - Vila starts to wonder about karma (a My Name is Earl pastiche, but you don't have to have seen it)
bulletBreakfast - Vila has some, along with a joke or two
bulletJob Satisfaction - Tarrant and Jarvik are not happy with a Space Fleet officer's lot
bulletGateway - Avon and Vila find a Stargate
bulletAvon and Vila - a B7 take on Hansel and Gretel
bulletMagnets in a Minefield - The perils of not doing research before visiting a planet
bulletBig Damned Heroes - Reactions to a rebel poster after the Andromedan war
bulletFiring Line - Vila's reaction to being replaced by Dayna on weapons
bulletThe Unpleasantness at the Belhangria Club - An incident in Avon's life told in the style of Dorothy L Sayers
bulletNobody Special - Two old acquaintances run into each other
bulletHealth and Safety - Vila has some concerns
bulletHeadstones - The question of what goes on them
bulletYoung People Today - Avon is not impressed with the post-revolution generation


bulletWhat's Left - Not everything has been lost
bulletCrash - The prison ship from Gauda Prime crashes on an island. Set in the Lost universe.
bulletNew Horizons - Ro and Selma after the Liberator left


bulletSpace Cavalry - Jenna and Cally are on teleport duty, as usual
bulletHaving a Blast - Cally and Dayna are a force to be reckoned with
bulletAsk First - What if a woman had asked for directions in Blake's base? Not to mention a few other questions
bulletDemons - It is at night when you are alone that the demons come
bulletRatrace - Vila has trained some rats to run mazes
bulletSomething in the Cellar - The crew go to see Groff's widow on Xaranar
bulletBeam Me Up - Avon is a little too logical about how the teleport works
bulletBack on Course - The crew is angry that their holiday on Del 10 has been cancelled
bulletMan on the Beach - A reporter tries to interview the public
bulletHello Blake's Party - B7 in the Hello Kitty style, complete with illos
bulletOne of Those Whatchamacallits - The crew discuss domestic bliss


bulletWrong - For the Doctor Who on the Scorpio challenge
bulletTouching the Past - Young Sarkoff visits his first museum
bulletMinor Objections - Avon doesn't like water sports even as a child
bulletThe SAS - The crew train an elite Home Guard assassination unit

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