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Welcome to Nicola Mody's Blake's 7 site!

To find out more about Blake's 7 and its characters, please read my Overview and Characters essays on my Essays page, and check out my Links page. Or to get an idea of the series from Vila's point of view, you could read his e-mails on my Fiction page.

Note: There is a Blake's 7 fiction archive, Hip Deep in Heroes: easy to use, and run by the authors. There's also the multifandom Archive of Our Own which has Blake's 7 stories. You can read without joining; just click on fandoms and explore. I've put quite a few of my stories on both.

Updates in the last 12 months:

10-Oct-11: I finally got my old web software to work with my new computer and added two more stories, Zen and the Art of Computer Maintenance, and Necessary Force, to my fiction page.
25-Jan-11: I added several stories to my fiction page, covering the last year, and updated my LiveJournal fiction link page. I will update more frequently in future.

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I got the picture of the Liberator (top left) from Lisa Williams'  Blake's 7 image library  
and the lovely one of Vila (top right) from the  Nova Drawn page on Minnie's Nova site with its beautiful Blake's 7 artwork.

Blakes 7, created by Terry Nation, is a trademark of the BBC 1978
This site is a totally unofficial fan fiction site.