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Welcome to Nicola Mody's favourite Blake's 7 links.

This page was updated on 1 January 2009 when I removed some links that no longer work.

Announcing: a new Blake's 7 fiction archive, Hip Deep in Heroes: easy to use, and run by the authors!

Note that these links are mainly in chronological order of addition within each section; they are not ranked at all.

bulletBlake's 7 links:
bulletThe Hermit Library - a large but now closed on-line fiction library.
bulletHip Deep in Heroes - the new fiction archive, a successor to the Hermit library. If you have B7 stories, please load them up here.
bulletTarrant Nostra - stories featuring Tarrant.
bulletDelta Dome - Leia Fee's mostly Vila-related fiction.
bulletThe Sequel Project - scripts for a sequel by Neil Blissett, and some episodes of an alternate sequel by Martin Odoni who now has a site of his own:
bullet Blake's Legacy - scripts for a sequel by Martin Odoni. Martin also hosts:
bullet Blake's Progress - scripts for a sequel by Jane Barlow.
bullet Gillian Taylor's Fan Fiction - Blake's 7 and other fiction..
bulletWorkStorm - Kathryn Andersen's personal fiction; gen B7 and other fandoms.
bulletMistral Amara's Very Plain Fandom Pages - gen fic, mostly in B7, but other fandoms as well.
bulletPink Dormouse Productions - gen, het and slash for B7 and other fandoms.
bulletPink Asteroids - an archive for 'U' and 'PG' rated Blakes 7 slash.
bullet The Aquitar Files - a Blake's 7 webzine.
bulletttba - online archive for the Blake's 7 mixed zine
bulletSuzan Lovett's Blake's 7 Fanfic - from the zine The Road to Hell and Other Stories
bulletHafren's Gloomy Patch of the Forest - Blake's 7 fiction.
bulletSally's fiction - includes B7 and other fandoms
bulletCharacter of Color - stories featuring Dayna.
bulletReference and general B7 sites
bulletThe Sevencyclopaedia - the indispensable Blake's 7 on-line encyclopaedia.
bulletJudith Proctor's Hermit site - the largest Blake's 7 site on the web, it has the Sevencyclopaedia, a library of on-line fiction, books and zines for sale, details of B7 mailing lists, and lots more.
bulletLouise and Simon's Blake's 7 site - another large site; they even have greeting cards.
bulletHorizon - the Blake's 7 appreciation society; now up and running again.
bullet Transcripts - episode transcripts. The Hermit site also has transcripts.
bulletNovelisations of episodes 1-10 - useful for those without tapes or DVDs.
bulletNovelisations of the rest - more are gradually being added to this new site.
bullet Anorak Zone B7 Site - This has reviews of the series, the spin-off books and plays, and the merchandise, plus some shock-wave games.
bullet Ruth's alternative site - looks at unusual aspects of B7 not covered elsewhere.
bullet Bloopers - a list of bloopers by episode. Sound warning.
bullet Marian's Site - Marian's Eclectic B7 site.
bulletBlake's 7 image library - Lisa Williams' frame-capture images. You can also buy CD-ROMs from Lisa.
bulletAn Nova Site - Minnie's site: beautiful Blake's 7 artwork and much more.
bullet Blake Park - a South Park version of the Gauda Prime shootout.
bulletShimere's Galleries - good quality screencaps by character, and with very funny captions.
bullet Avon- Shimere's Gallery of Shameless Avon Lust
bullet Blake - The Roj Blake Guide to Successful Rebellion
bullet Vila - Mr Restal's Neighbourhood
bullet Cally - Cally's Gallery of Soulful Emo Loneliness
bullet Gan - Olag Gan's Anger Management Journal
bullet Jenna - Jenna's Glam Guide to the High-Maintenance Galaxy
bullet Travis - Poetry Appreciation with Space Commander Travis
bulletLiberator's Relaxation Lounge - Shockwave games.
bulletChoices - an interactive story. You're Avon and Blake's lying at your feet in the Gauda Prime tracking gallery...
bulletOut Of Character / Recombinant DNA Rebels - Mix and match facial features.
bullet Drinking Game - if you need an excuse for a drink.
bulletContact others
bulletLysator - a Blake's 7 mailing list, archives on-line. Subscribers communicate via e-mail.
bulletFreedom City - an adult / slash mailing list; e-mail the list admins to join.
bulletalt.fan.blakes-7 - a Google group. Register to post on-line.
bulletThere are discussions forums and chat rooms on Louise and Simon's Blake's 7 site and Horizon.
bulletA lot of fans are on LiveJournal, including me. I have a post listing Blake's 7 LiveJournal links.

bulletFan fiction writers' links
bulletWriting Realistic Injuries - Leia's guide to hurting your characters properly.
bulletThe Cascade Hospital - a resource website designed specifically to help fanfic and other fiction writers who want to make their stories more medically authentic.

If any links are broken, or  you have some you think I should add, please contact me.