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Welcome to Nicola Mody's convention page.

This page was updated on 8 August 05 when I added my report on the 'Inside the TARDIS' show.

For one night only, Colin Baker (the 6th Doctor—and Bayban the Butcher), Sylvester McCoy (the 7th Doctor), and Katy Manning (Go Grant, companion to the 3rd Doctor) treated us to what amounted to a Doctor Who panel.

    Inside the TARDIS (2005)

I finally made it to a Blake's 7 convention—my first and last no doubt—in England. And it was wonderful!

    Star One 2004

The first con I ever went to wasn't even a real one, not did it have anything to do with Blake's 7, sorry. I went to see Robert Picardo (the holographic doctor in Voyager—my favourite from that show) Mira Furlan (Delenn in Babylon 5), Anthony Simcoe (D'Argo in Farscape), and Brent Stait (Rev Bem in Andromeda).

    Armageddon 03 / Pulp Expo

Fellow SF fan Steve went to Armageddon 02, and has kindly let me show his pictures with a brief report.

    Armageddon 02 / Pulp Expo

However I do have some photos from a Blake's 7 con held here in 1988, with guests Michael Keating (Vila), Paul Darrow (Avon), and Janet Lees Price (Klyn). The owners of the photos have kindly permitted me to show them here. They're well worth a look.

    ConFederation 88 / The Con at the Edge of the World

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