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Welcome to Nicola Mody's Blake's 7 art gallery.

This page was updated on 1-Jan-09 when I added a new section for my Blake's 7 seasonal cards, and added pictures to the top two galleries.

My general art  Drawings and photo manipulations which don't fit into the next three categories. Updated 1-Jan-09.

B7 comic and cartoons  Only a few so far, but I might think of more. Updated 1-Jan-09.

Simpsons-style B7  B7 characters in the style of The Simpsons. Updated 9-Dec-07.

Molesworth-style B7  B7 cartoons and text in the style of the Molesworth books. Added 30-Dec-06.

Christmas / Hanukkah cards  The pictures and text from my Blake's 7 cards. Added 1-Jan -09.

Vilabench.jpg (116784 bytes)

Guest Artists  Beautiful photo manipulations done for me by Minnie and Marian.

Cartoon faces  I plan to draw some proper cartoons when I get a graphics tablet, but in the meantime here are some B7 faces created with an avatar generator.

Identikit faces  These were created with a portrait illustration maker and are much better.


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