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Welcome to Nicola Mody's Blake's 7 essays.

This page was last updated on 8-Apr-06 when I added Dayna's Song to the 'Lost Lyrics' of Blake's 7.

Overview of Blake's 7   Added 22-Feb-02.
The Characters   Added 22-Feb-02.
The Federation Grading System  Added 31-Mar-02.

Vila's Character  Added 11- Jan-02.
Vila's Myers-Briggs Personality Type
Added 11- Jan-02.
Some Questions and Answers about Vila
Added 11- Jan-02.

Original BBC Press Release  Added 11-May-02.

Who survived Gauda Prime?  This includes a very informative and interesting letter about Terry Nation's intentions from Tony Attwood, author of the Programme Guide and AfterlifeAdded 17-Jan-02.

The 'Lost Lyrics' of Blake's 7  Added 16-Feb-06.

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