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Welcome to Nicola Mody's Blake's 7 quotes.

This page was created on 13-Feb-03.

When Blake's 7 was shown here as reruns in 2001, I almost didn't watch. I remembered very little of it from my first viewing, but I did remember my disbelieving shock at that last scene, and that, combined with warnings about the wobbly sets and low-budget special effects, put me right off.

Then someone sent me a link to a site of witty quotes and I was so entranced, particularly by the word-play between Avon and Vila, that I decided to give the series a chance. And I fell for it.

I can no longer find the quotes site I was originally given, nor another good one I found later, so I finally decided to put my own one together in the hopes that I might show someone else the best thing about Blake's 7—its characters and its clever and witty scripts.

Witty quotes by episode

Witty quotes by character

Revealing quotes by character

If I've missed any good ones, or some you think are revealing of character, please contact me.