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Welcome to Nicola Mody's personal page.

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This page was updated on 26-Feb-2004 when I added new cat pictures at the bottom.


I became a fan of Blake's 7 in 2001 when reruns were shown on a local channel six evenings a week, a very intense and addictive immersion. Fascinated by the complex characters and captivated by Vila, I was driven to write fan fiction to give them a little happiness and hope.

When I'm not in a world of my own or someone else's for that matter (I love to read and watch SF or anything else inventive and escapist), I also enjoy drawing and acting, often the fool.

I hope you have as much fun on my site as I did creating it.



Here's my car with the Blake's 7 personalised number plate which I bought several months ago. For those who don't want to see the full picture, it's LIBR8R. At least it means something to people who don't know about Blake's 7, which means it's not quite as nerdy as my previous Babylon 5 one.

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CIMG0053.JPG (32097 bytes)

This is Claudia, my Burmese cat. I call her my muse because she sits on the top of the couch by my desk, being uncharacteristically quiet and unobtrusive, while I write my fiction.
Claudia is also known as the thug for the way she leaps on people without warning, and the Emperor Palpatine, because she resembles him when she sneaks under blankets or duvets and just pokes her grey nose out. Unlike him though, she's very friendly and affectionate.

Tessa, my other Burmese cat, is known as the cat burglar or the blue-collar criminal—yes, she wears a blue collar. This is the cat who broke into the neighbours' house on Christmas Day, setting off their alarm while they were out. The perfect pet for Vila.
Tessa was the inspiration for 'Pets', and here she is, caught in the act of sabotaging the wires at the back of the TV, just as Avon did in that story. Unlike Avon though, I hasten to add, she's never been hit on the nose or anywhere else. Like Vila, I hate violence (personal or otherwise).
Tessa also has a Star Wars connection. If you push her ears down horizontal, she looks just like Yoda. She's extremely sweet-natured and cuddly.

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This is Vic, the stray who turned up as a starving kitten two years ago. He doesn't have any connection with Blake's 7 that I can think of, but I couldn't leave him out. He does however have a science-fiction name. He's called after Vic Fontaine, the holographic  lounge singer in 'Deep Space 9', as he looks like he's wearing a tuxedo. It's a bit of a misnomer though, as his voice is very small and kitten-like.
He was very wild and inclined to bite and scratch at first, but is now quite tame and friendly, though not fond of being picked up.

A wedge of one of our favourite cheeses, a very tasty mature gouda aged for two years. In our house it's known as Gauda Prime.
And yes, having Dutch friends, I do know how to pronounce 'gouda' correctly.

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A glass of adrenaline and soma, or A&S as we call it. Oh, all right, it's really green Sambucca, but it's the same virulent colour as the stuff Vila drinks, and tastes very nice too.
Cheers, Orac!

Our Cats

claudialib.JPG (24863 bytes) claudialib2.JPG (26079 bytes) CIMG0004.JPG (36015 bytes) CIMG0038.JPG (26917 bytes) tessasphinx.JPG (37821 bytes)
The giant mutant space cat, Claudia, plays with the Liberator Blake: What do we do?
Avon: Play dead.
Vila: I think I am dead.
Tessa on my computer chair.
"I haven't been surfing the web. Honestly."
Sleeping copycats Tessa in the sphinx position Tessa doing her Egyptian cat look
Claudia and Tessa imitate their background
Vic peruses the local news... ...while Claudia watches TV Vic on Greg's keyboard, slightly puzzled by the beeping he's causing Claudia and Tessa in the laundry basket 'Laptop cat' or 'cat and mouse': Vic in Greg's laptop bag
What we call the 'babes in the wood' pose Vic in my backpack