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Welcome to Nicola Mody's page of little-known Blake's 7 facts.

This page was updated on 28 Apr-03. You'll have to look for the new ones, sorry, but they're almost all in the (sort of) season 2 section.

Thanks to Lisa Williams and Gemma Tiley, from whose frame-captures these images came. See Lisa's frame-captures in her image libary and buy her CD-ROMs here.

For more silliness, check out the crew responsibility charts and a week's menus.

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To atone for embezzling, Avon was an altar-boy Blake went through hell for his fashionable perm Gan was inordinately proud of his manicured nails ...and persisted in trying to impress Vila with them His forcible manicures were not well received however There was only one toilet on the London
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Blake enjoyed a little karaoke to pass the time ...but Avon resented him hogging the mike Jenna always got bath salts for her birthday and had to pretend surprise Avon nagged Blake incessantly to stop his nail-biting Blake always said grace before meals ...and made his confession whenever he could
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Blake tried not to let Vila stay up past his proper bedtime ...or the little guy just couldn't keep his eyes open the next day despite his regular afternoon nap after playtime With his huge fingers, Gan found it hard to select just one viscast-channel   Avon always knew when Cally had been eating his ice-cream Blake often flossed at the table, which Avon found somewhat gauche
Travis was appalled at  his arm repair bill after the Aristo incident Servalan was always borrowing Travis's GameBoy ...and made him beg to get it back Putting superglue on the teleport controls was just another of Vila's little jokes Avon hated taking part in Blake's group cheer "Goooooo, rebels!" Vila gave his name and number to every pretty girl he met
travisjew.JPG (28835 bytes)
Even after a year, Blake still had to be firm with Vila about his bedtime Shmuel Travis was a nice Jewish boy whose hero was Moshe Dayan Avon resented being made to take political theory classes Vila would give the shirt off his back for Blake—at gunpoint Travis hated having his annual flu injection Avon lost a contact lens outside Central Control
Avon was inordinately proud of his skills with blocks Jenna's favourite yoga position was the ''cruise passenger' Avon's attempt at a Vulcan neck pinch did not go well Blake's hogging of the hair-drier irked others in the crew Vila's applications for safe office jobs were never accepted Vila and Jenna were outraged when a vending machine ate their credits
AFTER009.JPG (22703 bytes)
Travis felt a right git when he got whiplash during a space battle It took Avon a while to realise that his anorak had no fur collar; it was Vila's trained mice The commute to Star One was a killer More than once, Vila had to crawl back to his cabin after a wild Liberator party Vila sometimes burned the toast  
POWRP081.JPG (20280 bytes) POWRP075.JPG (17275 bytes) POWRP103.JPG (24108 bytes) HARV021.JPG (25611 bytes) SARCO078.JPG (23256 bytes)
Tarrant inherited Blake's big wall-mounted hair-dryer Avon would do anything to avoid Cally's meditation sessions Cally's stereo was an older model with really dorky headphones  After the first time, Avon and Vila were prepared for Tarrant's reaction to curry Vila and Dayna always tried to get out of doing the dishes Avon was nonplussed by the pet Dalek Vila gave him for his birthday
DEATH031.JPG (33351 bytes) DEATH028.JPG (33758 bytes) TERM144.JPG (24109 bytes)
Avon and Dayna lost their bet on how many cocktails Vila could make—and drink But his lectures on adrenaline and soma vintages were enthralling Other customers resented Tarrant trying to jump the queue at the hair salon
ANIMA107.JPG (22512 bytes) HEAD164.JPG (18337 bytes) HEAD203.JPG (19476 bytes) HEAD225.JPG (29305 bytes) GOLD170.JPG (20906 bytes)
Vila's experimental turbo-toaster was not a success Vila was embarrassed when Soolin caught him playing air-guitar Avon had to divert more power for the hairdryers Avon's attempts at jogging in his leathers were short-lived A duel was often needed to decide who did the dishes on Xenon base Tarrant only got third prize in Vila's bum competition
WARLD045.JPG (33491 bytes) bl_bd41.jpg (11300 bytes)
All visitors to Xenon base were expected to admire Soolin's watercolours Deva constantly worried whether he had halitosis

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