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My General Blake's 7 Art

This page was updated on 1-Jan-09 when I rearranged the page and added some new artwork at the top.

Graphics tablet art
Photo manips
Charcoal sketches

Graphic tablet art: done during the NaArMaMo (national art making month) challenges in August 2006, 2007, and 2008. The other artwork I did is in the relevant LiveJournal galleries if you're interested.

Click on a thumbnail to see the full-sized version.

Portrait Gallery

Blake Vila Avon Jenna Gan
Cally Dayna Tarrant Soolin Servalan
Travis 1 Travis 2      


Vila Jarriere with a blue plush hippo (done for someone's birthday) Vila raises a glass of red wine on Xenon base Vila with a flower behind his ear (requested jokingly by a friend) Comic book panel for my B7/Heroes crossover Save the Bounty Hunter, Save the Galaxy.
Avon checking on his umbrage collection Vila and Avon having a drink      

Photo manips: done for a script cover and for a zine which never got published.

50s-style cover pic I did for my copy of Paul Darrow's Man of Iron script Marian added screamer headlines for fun Avon and Vila by a swimming pool (done for a zine) Avon and Vila talking on the beach at Gardenos (done for a zine)

Charcoal sketches: done back in 2003 or so on paper, and scanned. I think I've improved since then.

Avon Vila Jenna and Blake Cally Gan
Dayna Soolin Vila Vila and Avon having a drink (done for a zine) Terrified Vila stranded on a planet (done for a zine)

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