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Blake's 7 Seasonal Cards

This page was updated on 1-Jan-09.

These were all done on a Wacom graphics tablet.



Picture Text

Blake to all:
Season's greetings and a happy new year. Here's wishing for peace, freedom, and justice for all except the convicted felons among us. Blake.

Avon to all:
I fail to see why I should send any of you greetings when I see you on the flight deck every day. Avon.

Avon to Blake:
I'm not stupid, I'm not sozzled, I'm not sentimental, and I'm not going to your pointless party. Avon.

Avon to Vila:
It is not the thought that counts, Vila, especially not in your case. I expect my present to be expensive, tasteful, unused, and purchased retail, not from your latest larcenous haul. Avon.

Vila to all:
Christmas is coming,
the still is running hot.
An extremely merry Christmas to all of you, and a very very very happy new year. Vila. (At least that's what the nametag on my cabin door says.)

Vila to Cally:
Happy Christmas, Cally! I've got the perfect present for you this year, nicely wrapped too. And human tradition says you have to be grateful and accept me with pleasure! Vila.

Cally to all:
A happy Masschrist and a merry old yearly Hanukkah. Have I got that right? Or, as my people say, may all your thoughts be pleasant ones, and if not, may you cry alone and silently. Cally.

Cally to Vila:
The SPCA recommends that pets not be given as presents, Vila, as so many are abandoned when they grow out of the cute stage. Cally.

Gan to all:
Thank you to a great team. I'd give everything I have for you all. Gan.

Jenna to all:
Best wishes to all except the person who put mistletoe over the pilot's station. You know who you are, Vila. Jenna.


Christmas is coming,
the still is running hot.
An extremely merry Christmas to you,

and a very very very happy new year!



On the front:

Everyone was a bit annoyed that Blake wouldn’t let them open their presents before midnight.

 On the inside:

"Midnight by whose reckoning anyway?" Avon said. "We are, if you haven’t noticed, in space."

"Federation Standard Time," said Blake loftily, forgetting all his revolutionary fervour. "It's traditional."

Gan wondered if the suspiciously pear-shaped parcel for him was a punching ball (if so, he was considering naming it Avon);
Avon decided that if they'd given him more laser probes, they might be used in ways unintended by the  manufacturer;
Cally hoped she was getting the Betafarlian throat-singing CD she wanted (for the unearthly—and unAuronar-beauty
and its crew-repelling properties; Jenna thought that if she got another bottle of bath salts or pack of smelly soaps,
she'd brain the lot of them using the things as a weight in one of the socks she got Blake last year and which he'd never worn;
and Vila just hoped that no one realised that he'd drunk the sherry and eaten the fruitcake left out for Father Christmas.
Or that he'd already broken into his own gift and added several items that Avon unaccountably thought were his.

Blake savoured the control he had over his crew. "All right. It's one minute past midnight."

Have a great Christmas, Hanukkah, or Solstice and an excellent 2007!



On the front


The boys were a little annoyed that Cally and Jenna wouldn't let them open their present till after midnight.

On the inside


"Ooh, far too big and heavy to be yet more lockpicks to Newcastle, whatever that is.
I just hope it's not a pack of those black fossil fuel rocks Avon gave me last year for some reason...
Oh, lovely! A gourmet pack from Lindor: brandy, chocolate, wine, cheese, Mars Bars,
and those cute little balls they do that look like chocolate Deathstars!"

Have a great Christmas, Hanukkah, or Solstice and an excellent 2008!


Hanukkah went over Christmas this year.

On the front

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,
or whatever Festival of Light you celebrate!

On the inside, using the full width

It was Vila's idea, with the crew all together again (it was a miracle!) and Blake agreed since the story of Hanukkah is about a rebellion and a miracle. So here they are with their own nine lights (they only did the last day; miracles are limited). Blake has the Flame of Freedom, Vila has a sparkler, Jenna a scented candle, Avon a laser probe, Gan a light bulb, Cally a torch, Dayna a flamethrower, Tarrant thought his teeth sufficed (which they did), and Soolin has her gun.



To create this picture, I used nine separate pictures with transparent backgrounds. If you'd like to see them full-size, click on the thumbnails below.



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