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Blake's 7 Comics and Cartoons

This page was updated on 1-Jan-09.

These were all done on a Wacom graphics tablet.

My first go at a B7 cartoon: a disgruntled Travis.

A comic strip set just after Time Squad.


Assorted cartoons

This was done for someone who wanted "Vila in outer space, done in children's picture book illustration style" for her birthday.

See Vila.
See Vila float in space.
Float, Vila, float.
See Vila laugh.
Laugh, Vila, laugh.
What is Vila laughing at?
Avon has just been as sick as a dog in his helmet. Wouldn't you laugh too?

The previous cartoon worried another friend who was worried about Avon being sick (dangerous in a helmet) and Vila laughing, so I assured him that on the next page of the book, Vila jets over to Avon and helps him to the airlock and brings him a nice cup of tea in bed.

See Avon in bed.
See Vila bring Avon tea.
Nice Vila.
That makes up for laughing at Avon.
See Avon's hooker boots.
See Avon's studded pyjamas.
Avon makes interesting sartorial choices.


And this bit of silliness was for another friend who wanted "Vila and Dayna being cute".


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