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Molesworth-style B7

This page was created on 30-Dec-06.

Cartoons and text in the style of the wonderful Molesworth books by Geoffrey Willans, illustrated by Ronald Searle.

From the diary of Vila Restal.

This is me (Vila Restal) on the mitey Liberator, chiz. You did not kno I cuold draw, did you? In the next few weeks I will do the luvly ha ha visages of BLAKE, that grate revolushinary and captain of the Lib and rebel 1st 15, AVON, rich as Cressus but a SWOT nuntheless, my grate freind GAN, and the gurls JENNA (jolly hocky sticks!) and CALLY [blush blush blush]. BLAKE, that grate revolushinary and captain of the mitey Liberator and rebel 1st 15 gaze unafrade into the future. Strikt but fare, he hav a countenance of rare charm. (This is in case he come across my stil i mean my chemistry expermient, hem hem). JENNA forget she hav a LIBERATOR handgun and use the rong end of it to la out a federashun trooper. She reliv her days on the hockey field at her old skool st trinians and emploi the old skull-crusher manuver that giv the game such a high headcount when her skool pla. St trinians gurls are tuogh so no wonder i do not dare to flurt with her hem hem.
AVON sho off his noble profile. He is an uter swot and was topp of his skool and also in the chess and debatting clubs. I also hapen to kno that everyone there cal him Avon Minimus, a fakt that always get up his nose, not a hard feet considering it rivle the size of one of the LIBERATORs prongs. Avon like to pla the hard man with studs on but look at his heels, i mean to sa. CALLY, gorilla of Soron Major, hav a thort not her own. She take being open-minded a littel far, I sa, but i supose that is the risk of being a TELLYPATH. Cally is as slender as a rede and butifull as a flour (blush) and also tuogh like jenna but kind. She giv me adrenalin and soma and even sumtimes a smile so i hav the curage to flurt and make sum suttel remarks hem hem, but she never seme to notice chiz. My grate friend GAN sho his mitey strength by taking the lid off a pickel jar for me. Gan do not sa much but he LISSEN to me (the only one on this ship I mite sa) and he is kind and bring me hot coco on the flite deck. He is also co-developper of the restal-gan atommic stil (fitted with vid and plug for electric toaster).
SERVALAN, evil but beutifull supreem comander of space fleet with her pet dobberman travis. Personally i would not trust him, he wuold hav your hand of soon as look at you, chiz. I am not shure wether i wuold care to be cappshured by servalan to be onest. I waver between fear and a sertin curiossitty about wot she meen wen she sa she wuold hav her wa with me hem hem.
DAYNA, one of the LIBERATORs new crewmembers take a huge weppon from a place of consealment abowt her person. I suspekt a bum bag - it is after orl the biggest one on the lib hem hem perhaps it is not orl hers. And avon ask why i look. Sed BOMM is a radio-controled one she call the unilatterel insult wich as any fule kno is a vila-seeking misile chiz. I think i will hide out in the gally for a while and morn my grate freind gan in my own wa hem hem. Our new pilot is fotherington-tarrant tho he only use the last bit. He hav a head full of curls and not much else and smile hapily orl the time on the flite dek as tho he sa "hello suns, hello planets, hello moons, hello plutons". You kno the saing "fules who rush in where angles ect ect"? Well, thats tarrant, charging into akshun with a tarrant ta ra! I am only surprised he do not ware a wite silk scarf chiz chiz. SOOLIN look like a pusy cat but she is the fastest gun on the crue not to menshun her home plannet. She atended the gouda prime finishing skool for yuong ladys and asasasins (i never kno wen to stop in that word), wich feilded the only teem to beet jenna's skool st trinians at hocky due to there libberal polisy about taktickal nuklear weppons on the pitch. A pity those too did not mete, chiz.

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