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Revealing Blake's 7 Quotes by Character


These are quotes I thought particularly revealing of various and often contradictory aspects of the Blake's 7 characters


Crew (in order of appearance)














Blake, Jenna, Avon


I think this whole scene from Space Fall illustrates the characters and motivations of these three very well.


JENNA: What do you think they'll do?

BLAKE: Their time's running out.

JENNA: So's ours.

BLAKE: We have less to lose.

AVON: You may have, but I value my life.

JENNA: Assuming they do land us somewhere, what then?

BLAKE: Find a way of getting back to Earth.

JENNA: Back to Earth?

BLAKE: Yes. That's where the heart of the Federation is. I intend to see that heart torn out.

AVON: I thought you were probably insane.

BLAKE: That's possible. They butchered my family, my friends. They murdered my past and gave me tranquilised dreams.

JENNA: At least you're still alive.

BLAKE: No! Not until free men can think and speak. Not until power is back with the honest man.

AVON: Have you ever met an honest man?

JENNA: [glances at Blake] Perhaps.

AVON: Listen to me. Wealth is the only reality. And the only way to obtain wealth is to take it away from somebody else. Wake up, Blake! You may not be tranquilised any longer, but you're still dreaming.

JENNA: Maybe some dreams are worth having.

AVON: You don't really believe that.

JENNA: No, but I'd like to.

BLAKE: Yes, well, you asked me what I was going to do and I've told you. What you do is up to yourselves.

AVON: Right. A new identity, a job in the Federation Banking System. Three months with their computers, I could lift a hundred million credits and nobody would know where they went. Then let anyone try and touch me.

BLAKE: And the rest?

AVON: Have the same chance as I have.

BLAKE: You don't really believe that.







GIROC [speaking about Travis] Why didn't you kill him?

BLAKE: Too weak? Or maybe I didn't entirely trust your motives. Besides, as long as he's alive, he'll be the one chasing me. And I know I can beat him.

            [dialogue snipped]

BLAKE: Another reason why I didn't kill Travis—I would have enjoyed it.

SINOFAR: Perhaps there was nothing for you to learn.




CALLY: Did she really think you were a god?

AVON: For a while.

BLAKE: How did it feel?

AVON: Don't you know?

BLAKE: Yes. I don't like the responsibility, either.




AVON: Blake, what I'm doing is vitally concerned with our survival. Are you prepared to take responsibility for what happens if I delay?

BLAKE: Don't I always?




ZIL: This place is fitting. Here Blake and Zil will surrender Oneness.

BLAKE: Zil. Zil! [she falls into the gap that opens near her] Not me. I am not ready to surrender anything!


Star One


CALLY: Are you sure that what we're going to do is justified?

BLAKE: It has to be. Don't you see, Cally? If we stop now then all we have done is senseless killing and destruction. Without purpose, without reason. We have to win. It's the only way I can be sure that I was right.




TARRANT: [to Blake] What on earth happened to you?

BLAKE: Oh, most of it wasn't on Earth, Tarrant. Not what happened to me.





The Way Back


VILA: Easy! Take it easy! I hate personal violence, especially when I'm the person.


BLAKE: Why are you going there?

VILA: They didn't give me a choice. I steal things. Compulsive, I'm afraid. I've had my head adjusted by some of the best in the business. But it just won't stay adjusted.

BLAKE: A professional thief.

VILA: More a vocation than a profession. Other people's property comes naturally to me.


Space Fall


VILA: 'Find the armoury,' he says. I don't even like guns.


Mission to Destiny


VILA: I don't like this.

JENNA: That's unusual.

VILA: Mock if you like, but I can always sense danger.

GAN: Yes, even when there isn't any.


Project Avalon


VILA: That has Klyber fastenings on the other side. You need a lot of explosives or a genius to open that.

BLAKE: Can you do it?

VILA: Of course.




VILA: Now, wait a minute. If it's too difficult for Zen to tackle, what chance have we got?

JENNA: Gan is dying.

VILA: All right. Well, let's get on with it!


VILA: That gives it plenty of time to leap out on us, then.

JENNA: Must you keep on about it, Vila?

VILA: Sorry. Just nervous.

BLAKE: We're all nervous.

VILA: I thought it was only me.


AVON: Why do you stay with Blake?

VILA: I like him.

AVON: That isn't a good enough reason.

VILA: It is for me. That and the fact I've got nowhere else to go.




VILA: Answer me, one of you. I shall come out in a rash. Zen, has something happened to them?

ZEN: Data is not available.

VILA: I don't want data, I want to know what's happening.

ZEN: It will be necessary for you to make a personal investigation.

VILA: Oh, you're a big help. 'Personal investigation'. [he straps on a weapon] 'Personal investigation'. The next time Avon wants to make a personal investigation on how you work, I shall make a personal point of handing him the instruments, personally.

[He screws up his courage and leaves the flight deck reluctantly, gun at the ready]




VILA: Where did those ships come from? Who were they?

BLAKE: Yes, and why did they attack? Zen was confident they weren't Federation.

VILA: So why did they pick on me?

AVON: I doubt if it was personal, Vila.

VILA: It felt personal. It always feels personal when someone tries to kill me.


VILA: If it ever comes to a showdown, my money's on Blake. Well, half of it. I'll put the other half on Avon.




RO: What are you going to do with him?

KOMMISSAR: Put him to work. It seems he's never done any in his life.

VILA: [rubbing his head] Work?


Pressure Point


BLAKE: [about the Central Control lock] How long?

VILA: Ooh, it's a difficult one. Thirty seconds?




GRANT: Goodbye Cally, goodbye Vila. And thank you.

VILA: Any time.

GRANT: I'll remember that.

VILA: [worried] Oh. Will you?




VILA: Will that hurt?

LOM: A little.

VILA: Oh. It's just I'm not very good with pain. It's not that I'm a coward or anything. It's just that I have a very low pain threshold. Hardly a threshold at all, actually.


VILA: You know, I wouldn't mind settling down here, nice planet, nice people, meet a nice girl, raise a family.

CALLY: What would you do for a living?

VILA: There're always opportunities for a top class thief.


Dawn of the Gods


VILA: I may not be the bravest man in the galaxy—

AVON: Are you sure?

VILA: —but I'd rather go down fighting than doing nothing.


Harvest of Kairos


VILA: Course I may settle down, you know, have kids. What do you think, Cally?

CALLY: What do I think of what?

VILA: The lakeside of Gardinos. We could go swimming by the light of three moons.

DAYNA: Who could? You and Cally?

VILA: No, me and the kids.

CALLY: But you haven't got any children.

VILA: Not yet, I haven't.

TARRANT: Vila, you're dreaming. Two weeks of that, and you'd be looking for something to break into.


City at the Edge of the World


VILA: [being bullied by Tarrant] All my life, for as long as I can remember, there's been people like you.

TARRANT: And I thought I was unique.

VILA: You're not even unusual, Tarrant.


VILA: [with two silent natives] Is that where we're going? It's miles away. I mean why couldn't I have teleported closer in? Hey! They say too much walking's bad for you, you know. Makes you go deaf. Look what it's done for you. Listen, sooner or later one of you's going to have to speak to me. Well, speak to me one of you! All right, that's it. No speak, no walk. My feet hurt and I didn't want to come anyway. [he sits down] Course, I'm totally lost, you realise that. Yes, of course you realise that. I don't suppose you'd consider taking me back to where you met me? No, of course you wouldn't. All right, you've talked me into it. [he gets up and walks]


NORL: Vila, you're a clever man, and brave.


VILA: You know why I neutralise security systems, open safes, and break into vaults? It's because I can and most people can't.

KERRIL: To satisfy your ego.

VILA: No, not really. It's just that it's what makes me me. Kerril, a thief isn't what I am, it's who I am.




ALIEN: [about Vila] That one interests me. He has a very high IQ and yet he acts like an imbecile. He'll make an ideal pet.




VILA: I didn't want to come in the first place. I knew somehow that this would happen—and it always does—and it always happens to me. Notice she didn't get your coordinates wrong. You don't have that kind of luck.




[after Vila cracks the gun locker]

DAYNA: Look. Each of these is a different mode. You clip them into the basic handgun and you've got a weapon for every occasion. Laser, plasma bullet, percussion shell, micro grenade, stun, drug. They're all here. I worked for nearly a year on a gun like this. I never did get it right.

VILA: Just goes to prove what I've always said. Stealing's quicker.


VILA: Even if there was another entrance, it would still have the same security system as this.

TARRANT: You're probably right. So you stay here and keep working on that.

DAYNA: We'll let you know if we find an easier one.

[dialogue snipped]

VILA: [turns back to the door, then stops] No. Why should I? I don't have to justify my existence by going through the motions of trying to open a door which I know is impossible. I'm the expert. If I say it's impossible, then it's impossible. To hell with it. I wonder where they keep that wine.


VILA: You know, Avon could be right about getting out of here. There's something very suspicious about a man who keeps his booze under lock and key.




PELLA: And what does that tell you?

VILA: The weight of the door. I know the height, the width, what it's made of, how dense it is.

PELLA: And the computer works it out?

VILA: Computer? Who needs computers? I just have to look at it.

PELLA: You must be very clever.

VILA: That's what I keep telling everyone. They even believed me in CF1.


VILA: A sort of academy, when I was a boy. They chose me as technical advisor for the escape.

PELLA: Escape? From an academy?

VILA: Perhaps academy was the wrong word.


VILA: I'm tired already.

DAYNA: You didn't need to come, Vila.

VILA: I didn't need to stay. I get lonely, you know.




SOOLIN: Out of the mouths of drunks ...

VILA: Drunk? Who's drunk?

DAYNA: You are.

VILA: Show me how to get drunk on plain water and I won't waste time.

DAYNA: Well, then why pretend?

VILA: Because, my lovely Dayna and Soolin, no one ever tells someone who's drunk to volunteer.




VILA: You're going to kill an unarmed prisoner?

SOOLIN: When did you get religion?

VILA: I'm a thief, not a butcher!




AVON: The Federation is investing two hundred billion credits on the project. For unlimited energy, I would say that that was cheap at the price.

VILA: So would I. Where?

AVON: Where what?

VILA: Where do we steal the Federation crystals from?


VILA: Of course, if this stuff does blow up planets by mistake, we're going to need to be a bit careful. I mean, do we need money that badly, I ask myself.


AVON: Secondly, it is protected by a security system which is supposed to be impassable.

VILA: They're all supposed to be impassable.


VILA: "Why deal when you can steal?" isn't just my motto.


[Vila has to open a lock keyed to Belkov's fingerprint; he bends down and grabs Tarrant's foot]

TARRANT: Vila, what are you doing?

VILA: Dust! I need very fine dust [he pats some off Tarrant's boot] That's probably half the guard you threw in that machine, Tarrant. In the old days, one of the ways of shifting suspicion, was by lifting fingerprints [he blows dust on table top and presses a piece of plastic on a fingerprint] There! Let's hope one of these is Belkov's. [he applies the piece of plastic to the plate on the door which opens] It worked!




VILA: Funny, aren't I? If I died it'd be a real joke. Who'd care? Who cared about Cally?




SOOLIN: So he's a criminal.

VILA: Aren't we all?




SOOLIN: If you want to survive on this planet you have to assume that everyone is out to get you.

VILA: I always assume that wherever I go.


VILA: [after knocking her out] Sorry, Arlen.





Cygnus Alpha


BLAKE: Let's look around the rest of the ship. And find out exactly what it is we've stolen.

JENNA: Salvaged.




TARVIN: Just the two of us in the mountains.

JENNA: And three hundred customs guards.

TARVIN: You saved my life.

JENNA: We all make mistakes.

TARVIN: I thought you liked me.

JENNA: Oh, I did. Then.

TARVIN: Have I changed so much?

JENNA: One of us has.




JENNA: Largo's no friend of mine. When I met him on Callisto he forgot to mention he was a member of the organization. Just said he wanted me to run a cargo into Earth. He didn't tell me what it was at first.

GAN: Drugs?

JENNA: Shadow. I turned him down.

AVON: Very sensible. Possession carries a mandatory death sentence.

JENNA: That wasn't the reason.


Star One


VILA: What are we supposed to do, Jenna?

JENNA: Give the alarm.

VILA: Terrific idea, who do you suggest we tell?

JENNA: Servalan.





The Way Back


VILA: Blake—Kerr Avon. When it comes to computers, he's the number two man in all the Federated worlds.

NOVA Who's number one?

VILA: The guy who caught him. [to Avon] You've got nothing to be ashamed of. [to Blake] D'you know, he came close to stealing five million credits out of the Federation Banking System.

BLAKE: What went wrong?

AVON: I relied on other people.




JENNA: Avon's right.

AVON: I usually am.


The Web


BLAKE: [after Avon saves his life] Thank you. Why?
: Automatic reaction. I'm as surprised as you are.

Mission to Destiny


BLAKE: You're quite sure about volunteering to stay?

CALLY: We must help these people

AVON: Must we? Personally, I don't care if their whole planet turns into a mushroom. I shall stay because I don't like an unsolved mystery.




GAN: You're never involved, are you Avon? You ever cared for anyone?

VILA: Except yourself?

AVON: I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care, or indeed why it should be necessary to prove it at all.




AVON: Say goodbye to one bolt hole.

BLAKE: That's not funny, Avon.

AVON: It wasn't meant to be.




AVON: Have you found what you want?


AVON: That's because you're looking for the wrong things.

BLAKE: What exactly does that mean?

AVON: It's a common enough failing. Now if you've finished with Zen, I'd quite like to get on. We have a malfunction on the intermediate range sensors. I need to check the systems.

BLAKE: Leave it! If I've missed something, I want to know what it is now, Avon.

AVON: Well now, all you had to do was ask.


BLAKE: I'll tell the others. Uh, how long have you known?

AVON: Oh, several hours.

BLAKE: And you just let the others go on worrying?

AVON: Well, all they had to do was ask.




VILA: Why don't you go?

AVON: You are expendable.

VILA: And you're not?

AVON: No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.


AVON [to Orac]:  Therefore I do not need Blake, I do not need any of the others.


Pressure Point


BLAKE: The others have decided to go with me.

AVON: [smiles] I thought they would. Not very bright, but loyal.

BLAKE: That leaves you.

AVON: I have thought about it

BLAKE: And? Come on Avon, stop playing games. Are you going to go with me or not?

AVON: Well, of course. I am surprised you ever doubted it.


BLAKE: That still doesn't explain why you're backing me.

AVON: With you running the campaign on Earth, somebody has to take charge of all this.

BLAKE: You want the Liberator.

AVON: Exactly. If we succeed, the destruction of Control gives us both what we want.




JENNA: What would you know about guilt?

AVON: Only what I've read.


VILA: Right! Paradise that is not.

AVON: Perhaps Blake knows something that we don't.

VILA: There aren't even any people down there.

AVON: So it has at least one aspect of paradise.


VILA: He really cares about us, doesn't he?

AVON: You swallowed that?

CALLY: You think he was faking it?

AVON: Everything but the self-pity. That was real enough.


VILA: I see. You've decided to be led like the rest of us.

AVON: I shall continue to follow. It's not quite the same thing.




VILA: You don't have a lot of time for Blake, do you?

AVON: I could never stand heroes.

VILA: A quarter of a million volts and you're putting your hand in?

AVON: Ah, but that is self-interest. We need that crystal. Blake takes risks to help other people. Sometimes people he doesn't even know. One day that great big bleeding heart of his will get us all killed.




GRANT: You're lying. You left the city the same day, before the Federation found Anna. You could have got her out.

AVON: No. She came looking for me, the patrols found her. It was only after we got word that she was dead that I left.

GRANT: You expect me to believe that?

AVON: Not particularly. But it happens to be the truth. If there had ever been a time when I could have given my own life to save her, I would have done it. The only grain of consolation that I have is that Anna knew that.


GRANT: Why did you help me?

AVON: Perhaps because Anna was your sister.


Star One


AVON: Show me someone who believes in anything and I will show you a fool.


JENNA: Watch yourselves, Blake's rushing things. I get the feeling he's not giving himself time to think.

AVON: Blake is an idealist, Jenna. He cannot afford to think.


AVON: I gave him my word.

VILA: To fight off that fleet until the Federation get here?

AVON: That is what I promised.

JENNA: Why, Avon?

AVON: Why not?


VILA: Avon, this is stupid!

AVON: When did that ever stop us? Fire!




AVON: I seldom comment on other people's ethics.


Dawn of the Gods


VILA: [groans]

AVON: Our hero lives.

TARRANT: At least he didn't try to get into a spacesuit.

AVON: I look upon self-interest as my great strength.


Rumours of Death


VILA: Concentrate. He's more dangerous than he looks.

AVON: Isn't everybody?


ANNA: This man you're buying the exit visas you trust him?

AVON: Trust him? Of course I don't trust him.

ANNA: Well then?

AVON: Trust is only dangerous when you have to rely on it.

ANNA: That's very profound, my love.

AVON: As long as I know I can't trust him there's no problem.

ANNA: Do you trust anyone? Do you trust me?

AVON: Oh, yes. I'm afraid I do.


AVON: Anna and I were going to be so rich that no one could touch us.


ANNA: We were well matched, Avon.

AVON: You weren't even real. Bartolomew, Central Security's best agent. One of your colleagues told me that.

ANNA: Anna Grant. I was only ever Anna Grant with you.

AVON: Of all the things I have known myself to be, I never recognised the fool.

ANNA: It wasn't all lies. I let you love. [she dies]

AVON: Oh, no, you never let me go. You never did


AVON: Servalan was planning on sending you a corpse.

VILA: [handing him a drink] Corpse reviver?

AVON: [drinks it] But the rumours of my death—

TARRANT: —have been greatly exaggerated.

AVON: Well, slightly exaggerated, anyway.




AVON: [about the alien] If you want it, it's gone toward the flight deck. I followed it a little way. However, I wouldn't advise a headlong infantry charge.

TARRANT: I'm sure you wouldn't. [he draws his gun and exits; Avon smiles]




DAYNA: You'll be telling us next we can learn a lot from whoever built it.

AVON: Well, we certainly have nothing to teach them, unless it's how to remain ignorant. What do you think, Cally? Shall we stay and observe or shall we scuttle off with our closed minds intact?




DAYNA: We're from the Liberator.

GROSE: The Liberator? That's Blake's ship.

AVON: He liked to think so.




DAYNA: But we are involved. However much you like to pretend you're a loner, you're not really. We depend on each other. I wouldn't be alive now if it wasn't for you, and I'm sure that's true of everybody else. So why not trust us?

VILA: Look, you don't have to give reasons. You don't even have to explain. Whatever it is, we'll back you up.

CALLY: Or, if you want one of your own cold, rational explanations, we can't afford to lose you.

AVON: Sentiment breeds weakness. Let it get a hold of you and you are dead.


SERVALAN: What convinced you?

AVON: When you transmitted the recording of Blake's voice, Zen did a print analysis and confirmed that the voice could be genuine. On the strength of that, I had to follow it up.


SERVALAN: You saw nothing. Heard nothing. It was an illusion, a drug-induced and electronic dream. We spent months preparing it. We recreated Blake inside our computers, voice, images, memories, a million fragmented facts. When I was ready, I started sending you the messages, seeding the idea in your mind. I was conditioning you. And you were my greatest ally, Avon. You made it easy because you wanted to believe it. You wanted to believe that Blake was still alive.



DAYNA: Don't you ever get bored with being right?

AVON: Just with the rest of you being wrong.




SOOLIN: You never intended to wait for Vila and Dayna to report back, did you? You're just using them.
AVON: Vila and Dayna are useful diversions.

SOOLIN: So. You've let Dayna and Vila walk into a trap.
AVON: We need the space drive.

AVON: Programming in the main circuit drive.

DAYNA: You can't do that. That main drive will fire as soon as she makes the final connection.

SOOLIN: Fifteen seconds.

AVON: We can outrun that bolt. She's dead either way.


AVON: At least now we can outrun the opposition. That should make you happy.

DAYNA: What about Dr. Plaxton?

AVON: Who?




ORAC: They must be left there!

AVON: To die?

ORAC: There is no option. To reopen teleport contact could expose the base to undefined systems influence.

AVON: Oh, you'll have to do better than that, Orac, if you expect me to kill them.




VILA: It's a trip I won't forget, Avon.

AVON: Well, as you always say, Vila: you know you are safe with me.




AVON: They will all be dead in fifteen hours.

ZUKAN: If two of them volunteer to die, the oxygen they have left will last the rest of them.

AVON: If just one of them dies, for any reason at all, so do you, Zukan.





Time Squad


JENNA: Are you going to stick with him?

GAN: I have to. I...I want to stay alive. And to do that I need people I can rely on. I can't be on my own.

JENNA: What do you mean? Gan?

GAN: I killed a security guard. They said it was murder. But he had a gun. I was unarmed. You see, he killed my woman.


GAN: Jenna, couldn't stop them...couldn't stop them...implant.

JENNA: What! [Gan groans] Brain implants!

GAN: Limiter...not possible for me to kill now.




GAN: Let me go across and get it. If it is a trap I'll warn you. Then Vila can open fire.

VILA: With you on board?

GAN: If necessary.

VILA: You feeling all right?

GAN: Fine.

AVON: You would give the instruction for your own death? You expect us to believe that?

GAN: Yes. I expect you to believe that.




[after a fight with primitives]

VILA: You all right?

GAN: You know, Vila, for a minute out there, I was actually quite beginning to enjoy myself.


Pressure Point


GAN: [to Blake when trapped and about to die] Go! I'm not worth dying for!





Time Squad


CALLY: May you die alone and silent.


CALLY: I am from the planet Auron. I was sent from there to aid the freedom fighters of this planet. But my people are the Auronar.

AVON: And they are telepathic.

CALLY: And quick. I would not have died alone.


CALLY: My work was in communications. But there will be companions for my death. I plan to raid the complex. To destroy until I am destroyed.


Mission to Destiny


BLAKE: You're quite sure about volunteering to stay?

CALLY: We must help these people


CALLY: My people have a saying: a man who trusts can never be betrayed, only mistaken.




[about the restraints on Gan after his limiter breakdown]

CALLY: Well, among my people such things are considered barbarous.




VILA: Stop worrying, Cally. I'll be back soon. Tell you what, I'll bring you back a present. What would you like, Cally? Name it and it's yours.

CALLY: A necklace, Vila, made from your teeth.


ZEN: Warning ignored. They are pressing their attack.

CALLY: I gave them a chance. [she fires and the ship explodes]

SPACE CITY CENTRAL [over comms] Hold your fire!

CALLY: Central, the next shot will be right down your throats.


City at the Edge of the World


TARRANT: Look, without those crystals, the main blasters are useless. Do you like being helpless, Cally?

CALLY: I don't know. I've never tried it.


Rumours of Death


CALLY: Stop it! Stop it! All of you! Leave him alone.

TARRANT: He's an animal, Cally.

CALLY: Yes, and it's contagious, isn't it?







DAYNA: I like the ancient weapons — the spear, the sword, the knife. They demand more skill. When you fight with them conflict becomes more personal. More exciting.

AVON: More dangerous.

DAYNA: Of course. Without danger there's no pleasure.


City at the Edge of the World


DAYNA: Well, they were right. If Vila saw you, who knows what he might do. Run away, give the alarm...

TARRANT: I doubt that.

DAYNA: So do I. I think he'd try and kill you. [she smiles] That's what I'd do.




VILA: You're always getting at me.

DAYNA: Your helplessness brings out my sadistic streak.




TARRANT: Yes, well, it's a little more sophisticated than fighting hairy primitives with a bow and arrow, Dayna.

DAYNA: The machines are more sophisticated, Tarrant, that's all, but the principle isn't, and the people certainly aren't.







TARRANT: I don't trust anyone except myself. That's why I'm still alive.


Dawn of the Gods


[after they all think Vila's dead]

TARRANT: I'll go and fetch him. We can deepfreeze his body until we're back into space, where we can give him a decent star orbit burial.


Harvest of Kairos



[Liberator destroys another pursuit ship]

TARRANT: [kisses his fingers to the air like a gourmet chef]


City at the Edge of the World


TARRANT: I can dump you any time. The others wouldn't stop me. And you couldn't, could you? Now I suggest you reconsider your decision. But don't take too long. I'm not a patient man.

VILA: All my life, for as long as I can remember, there's been people like you.

TARRANT: And I thought I was unique.


Children of Auron


AVON: Emotional ties. We cannot risk the Liberator for sentiment.

TARRANT: As long as Cally is part of this crew, she has full call on your loyalty and support, no matter what the risks.




AVON: [about the alien] If you want it, it's gone toward the flight deck. I followed it a little way. However, I wouldn't advise a headlong infantry charge.

TARRANT: I'm sure you wouldn't. [he draws his gun and exits; Avon smiles]




DAYNA: Isn't this a bit precipitous? (sic)

AVON: Tarrant is always precipitous. Or hadn't you noticed?




TARRANT: Better strap down tight. I haven't lifted these into orbit too often.

DAYNA: How often?


VILA: When was that?

TARRANT: In about one minute and forty five seconds.




TARRANT: Look, there's nothing you can do. You're not a good enough pilot.

AVON: I can see that.

TARRANT: So get the hell out of here, will you? There's no point in both of us dying.







TARRANT: You want to join us, is that it?


SOOLIN: Why not? Dorian's dead.

AVON: You give your allegiance easily?

SOOLIN: I don't give my allegiance at all. I sell my skill.




ORAC: Join us, Soolin. We can fulfil your every desire.

SOOLIN: You wouldn't know where to start.




[after Soolin slaps Piri's face]

TARRANT: You enjoyed that, didn't you?

SOOLIN: There are two classic ways of dealing with an hysterical woman. You didn't really expect me to kiss her, did you?

TARRANT: Of course, you know what this is about, don't you? It's simple female jealousy.

SOOLIN: Oh, terrific. If two men don't like each other that's a rational judgement. If it's two women what else could it be but jealousy?




GAMBIT: Control system feedback is through the weapon. The game adjusts to meet and, on the last shot, exceed the proficiency of the players.

SOOLIN: You have to outshoot yourself.

TARRANT: Stupid game.

SOOLIN: Not really. Finally a game worth playing.




VILA: How does it feel to be home?

SOOLIN: I wouldn't know.







TRAVIS: You're almost as ruthless as I am.

SERVALAN: You underestimate me, Travis.




BLAKE: We'll get a message through to the Federation, tell them that you let us take Orac. I'm sure they'll be quite fascinated by your explanation.

SERVALAN: You're in a lot of trouble, Travis.




SERVALAN: I'm not sure exactly how far the range on this is. It's long, but you might outrun the signal. Now, I'm prepared to give you a small start.


SERVALAN: Research?


Pressure Point


SERVALAN: She taught officer cadets. But what she was teaching was treason.

TRAVIS: Until a very bright young cadet reported her.

SERVALAN: [smiles] Yes, Travis, I was. A very bright cadet.




SERVALAN: You could rebuild it all. All those worlds could be yours, Avon, they're there for the taking. You and I could build an empire greater and more powerful than the Federation ever was or ever could have been. Now, Avon. At this moment we can take history and shape it in our own image. Think of it: absolute power. There is nothing you can imagine that we couldn't do.

AVON: I am thinking of it.

SERVALAN: We can do it, Avon.

AVON: I know we can.

SERVALAN: We'll be answerable to no one. Ours will be the only voice. Imagination our only limit.

AVON: Imagination my only limit? I'd be dead in a week.




LEITZ: After all, how many people have you killed to conceal your secret?

SERVALAN: You mean now? [she stabs him] Twenty-six. So far.




SERVALAN: There is something you should realise. There are no women like me. I am unique. That makes me rather dangerous.




TARRANT: Servalan's not just some greedy gangster

AVON: Surely that is exactly what she is.




SERVALAN: I have never shared power with anyone.


SERVALAN: I, too, can be generous. But just remember: I punish failure as quickly as I reward success.







TRAVIS: What about my crew?

SERVALAN: Already assigned. Why mutoids particularly?

TRAVIS: Why mutoids? I've always thought that individuals with a high bionic rebuild were more reliable, less likely to let emotion interfere with judgement or duty. I give a mutoid priority over a man every time. [he points to his artificial left hand] Or perhaps it's this that gives me a fellow feeling.

SERVALAN: Does it still trouble you?

TRAVIS: Well, not in the way you mean. The surgical mechanics did a perfect refit. I had the Weaponry Division make a few ... adaptations. They built in a laseron destroyer, more powerful than any sidearm. No, the hand is fine, better than the original. It only troubles me because it's a constant reminder that the man who caused it, is still alive.


Project Avalon


TRAVIS: [to himself] If it takes all my life, I will destroy you, Blake. I will destroy you. I will destroy you.




[on hearing of Maryatt's murder]

TRAVIS: Of course. Do you remember the medic that saved my life?

SERVALAN: You're wasting time.

TRAVIS: It was Maryatt.

SERVALAN: Does it matter?

TRAVIS: Only Blake matters now.


Star One


TRAVIS: My one regret is that they'll never know who really killed them.


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