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Armageddon 2002
Report by Steve

The guests were:

Tim Russ is very nearly as entertaining as Robert Picardo. He too has a penchant for music; he sang a couple of numbers during his panel session. He also has a sense of humour that borders on the zany. He and the Klingons put on a short Trek-based comedy routine, and later when he was asked how he maintained such a consistent air of straight-faced seriousness over seven years in the role of  Tuvok he said, "It was easy. All I had to do was think about my paycheck - then it's impossible to smile!" I've also seen a few out-takes from Voyager and I tell you the bloke's a nutter!

J G Herztler brought a toy tribble on stage with him which he left behind. When Jason Carter took the stage he threw it into the audience, and I caught it! He also spotted me yawning later during his panel session and apologised for keeping me awake. I still have the tribble and when you give it a squeeze it still makes that noise tribbles make when a Klingon comes near.

The Farscape panel was good, although the thing I remember most about it was afterwards. When the guests were making their way back to the signing area, Jonathan Hardy walked past me singing softly to himself in Rygel's voice, "Rygel, Rygel rules the universe..." to the tune of the German national anthem! I later spoke to Claudia Black and Lani Tupu, who was amazed how much Farscape had been broadcast in the UK - they were up to the final season when I left in early 2002!

Note from Nicola: We'd only seen season 1 of Farscape until this year. Sky 1 repeated it and are now showing season 2. They have the right to the rest, so I hope we'll see it at last.

Steve's photos

Farscape panel: left to right are Wayne Pygram, Jonathan Hardy, Claudia Black and Lani Tupu. Oh, and in the background are Darth Maul and Yoda, but we can ignore them because they weren't really there.


From left, Marcus Cole, Steve and his daughter Abbey with Tim Russ, Claudia Black with Abbey.


Signed pictures of Tim Russ, Claudia Black, and Lani Tupu

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